Earth Essence fts health talk with Mike and Mike on the Peace, Knowledge and Wisdom youtube channels.

Earth Essence fts featured on the Mike and Mike Peace, Knowledge and Wisdom channels.

Thank you so much for having me on your channel. It was a honor and a pleasure. The experience was wonderful and scary. A opportunity not to be missed. The interview with Mike & Mike and The Peace, Knowledge and Wisdom Channels was amazing. Michael McIntyer & Michael Jett, are two very outstanding men in our community.

Thank you both again for your time and attention. Your support will help us to promote Health Living and good Nutrition with people everywhere. Thanks again and always remember our Healing comes from The Source.

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  1. Regina Bradford

    I have suffered with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis for the last 30yrs. Been on pain pills, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers for just as long. 3 yrs ago, I was hit by a car and I got worst and started to walked hunched over because of my lower back and I use a Cain for support. Than I started taking the Blattlerwrack and Sea moss in Mar 2020, in one month!!!!, Halleluyah, I have stopped walking haunched over, I have slowed down to almost not taking that many meds and I’m feeling terrific, it truly was a blessing to get this product, I recommend it to anyone who is tired of traditional meds eating up your insides and want a natural way for your body to heal. I’m 62 now and I feel better than when I was 32. The product really works. I sincerely pray it works for you to, give it a try. Jan King.

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